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Sandra Haynes

Sandra Haynes is a diarist, full time visual artist and master handweaver. Her conceptual creations sometimes wander into the performance arts. Before the pandemic, she cajoled her friends to perform with her at NECCA beta nights, as well as been put on the spot by her son, NECCA Cyr Wheel coach Casey Haynes. Promoting personal and collective creativity and weaving connections between the artistic disciplines is the core mission of her business, Aliens Read My Diary. Through diaries, she encourages everyone to explore their own creative potential freely, away from and beyond the scrutiny of our online lives. She teaches bookbinding classes and private art lessons. Haynes also has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and specializes in nonprofit cost accounting. She has over fifteen years of grants financial compliance and reporting experience for nonprofits in North Carolina and Western Massachusetts.

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