Reception Team

Solveig Gannon

Solveig is a mom of two kiddos, Lotte and Dolma. All three have loved circus on almost any apparatus since the kids were toddlers. Solveig works at NECCA and the Brattleboro Music Center. Her electrifying performance as a generic crustacean in the flying nut is her main claim to fame. She’s hoping she can manage to actually follow the sequence with her fellow performers in any future performances. In other words, she’s hoping to minimize unplanned solos. We’ll see how that goes.

In her past life she’s been a co-owner of a small software development firm, helping to create the University of California Study Abroad Program (UCEAP) online student program, served as Vice President of the NECCA board and president of the board of her kids’ nursery school, worked as a research assistant for the University of Maryland Language Research Center, wrote a position paper on language rights for minority language groups for Jalal Talabani to inform the writing of the interim Iraqi constitution (2005). Currently she’s developing the content management processes for the Brattleboro Music Center and doing reception as well as front of house concert work and wearing the many hats of a nonprofit employee.

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